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Before we get started, we'll need to know a bit about your business. We'll collect logos, images, write-ups, and any other content items you have.

We'll get working.

Our team of designers & developers will work on putting your new website together.

That's it!

Within 5 business days, your brand new website will be completed and ready for you to start marketing to the world!

Done-For-You websites built to make your business look good.

Websites Built to Stand Out & Help You Grow

Fully Responsive

Mobile, tablet, or desktop - your website needs to look and work great on any of them. With SiteJelly, it will.

Optimized for SEO

Every SiteJelly website also has basic SEO out of the box to help your customers find you.

Yours to Keep. Forever.

As far as we're concerned, when you buy something, it is yours. Full site download is available on request.

No Term Contracts

Keep yourself out of a cage with our go-as-you-please subscription model.

Super Simple & Affordable Websites

We believe that a great-looking, functional website should be within reach for businesses of any size from brand new to well established.

That's why we offer the industry's most competitive website pricing to get your business where it needs to go:

Website Pricing

$699 $399
Special Offer - Get $300 Off at Checkout!
  • Get a Done-For-You, Market-Ready Website
  • Built on WordPress - Host it anywhere you want.
  • Basic On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Fast Load Times with advanced optimization.
  • Google Analytics Installed for you.

All of our work is proudly done in-house at our location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Never outsourced.

Select the hosting plan you would like:

What Makes SiteJelly Special?

There are a lot of "norms" in the website-building world that just don't jive with us. We make it a point not to do those things and offer a better service and experience wherever possible.

That's right - whether you host with us or not, the website we build for you is yours to keep. While we do suggest hosting with us to give your new website a truckload of free features included with your monthly hosting fee, we know that some people prefer to take their new site elsewhere, and that's totally fine!

You're not locked in to any proprietary platform, and we build in the world's most popular Content Management System - WordPress!

This makes most edits super fast and easy and cuts down on development time and cost substantially. It also makes it as quick as a few clicks to export your website into a format that you can upload on any host you would like. Just fill out a support ticket and we will get you set up for success at your new host.

Everything we offer is month-to-month without any term contract locking you in.

If for whatever reason you aren't happy, we would rather you find a place that makes you happy instead of holding you hostage. Our goal is to give our customers a fantastic website at an affordable price, and continue to offer top-notch support, hosting, and maintenance.

We believe in our services through-and-through, which is why we don't have to rely on keeping you locked in to anything. Simply cancel your plan from your dashboard and submit a ticket with us to get a copy of your website zipped up and sent to you.

We offer a very cost-effective way to get a great looking website built for your business in just a few days. But sometimes, you want to add additional or more advanced features - like selling products online, accepting donations, setting up lead magnets, and more.

Who better to add those features to your site than the ones that built it?

That's us!

Submit a support ticket for a free quote and to hear expert advice on any features  you want added to your website because we are here to grow with you!

We are in-house experts in web design, web development, and digital marketing, and we do our job exceptionally.

This gives us the edge in experience that you, as a business owner, need in order to succeed on the internet. We are here to grow with you and want to provide you with all of the tools you need to do anything from just getting a website built to making your business a sensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Get Started page and pick the plan that makes the most sense for you. After that, you’ll be given a form to fill out all of the basic details of your business. The form usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete, but don’t worry about finishing it right away – You can complete it whenever you’d like, and we’ll send a link to your email so you can fill it out when you’re ready.

Not at all. We believe in a more open web where you are in control of the things you pay for. When you purchase a SiteJelly website, it is yours to keep and you can do whatever you want it. With that said, we also work hard to keep it as easy as possible for you to get a website up and running which is why we also offer fantastic hosting at a great price – but you are never required to host with us.

If you want to host elsewhere, that’s 100% ok. Just get in touch with support and we will give you all of the necessary files to get your website up and running on any other wordpress host.

No, you do not have to host your new SiteJelly website with us. That’s one of the beauties of having a website built on the widely-used WordPress platform. There are thousands of hosting companies out there that will support your new SiteJelly website out of the box with little to no configuration.

If you know that you would like to host with a different hosting company (we have partnered with WPEngine) you are more than welcome to! Simply select the “No hosting / I’ll host it elsewhere” option during checkout and we will provide you with an easy-to-deploy migration file after we’ve finished your website.

If you change your mind, you can always add hosting to your account by reaching out to support from your dashboard or upgrading your plan in your billing settings.

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